Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!

Monday, July 21, 2008

the joys of summer


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jumping from planes




One day I found Matt showing the boys You Tube videos of paratroopers. Yikes, couldn't he show them civilians jumping from planes? I really dislike all of the military videos on You Tube (yes, we have watched some before) because they really glorify the military. There's enough pressure with a father who served in the military and likes to tell a few tales to his boys, but then with the way the media glorifies it...I know, I am being a bit paranoid since the boys are only 3, but now I have 2 little paratroopers in the back yard! Let it go, Lisa...
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Here is a photo update of our garden. I can't believe how big the tomato plants have gotten! One day the boys were awfully quiet for a long time so I peaked outside to discover that they had discovered the first snap peas and were happily picking and eating them. What a joy to discover them finding such pleasure in that experience!
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Big Mama



Finally, a few more photos of me! Not that I am too anxious to put these on my blog, but my fans have requested it! Ha, Ha! I am going to post a few more tomorrow because I now have a beautiful henna tatoo on my belly that I want to show off as well.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The future of Food

Love this You Tube. This is an introduction to the film, The Future of Food, which is really quite shocking. I think it's incentive for all of us to reclaim our food supply! You can find the entire video on You Tube.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Birth As We Know It

I just watched another inpirational birth video last night which I ordered from www.birthasweknowit.com. It was quite a beautiful video with lots of amazing births documented. I would say it really focused on the spiritual aspects of birth. It was a bit intimidating to me because I kept thinking, I only have 5 weeks to get ready on an emotional level and feel like there is so much more work left to do!

I was also very moved by the section on circumcision which I didn't expect to see on the film. The film maker actually filmed a circumcision which just seemed so gruesome to me. There is some very detailed video on cesarian section which I also found to be quite disturbing.

It's so wonderful that these films are out there now. I just wish everyone could see them and see them at a very young age to counter what is available about birth in mainstream media.