Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!

Friday, February 5, 2010

how do you know they are learning?

i just realized that i have almost completely forgotten my need to prove that my kids are learning. now it seems so silly to even consider them not learning. i can't stop them! it does still amaze me to think about all that they do in a day. i love watching them freely choose activities and watching their flow.

for the past week patrick has been doing a puzzle of the united states that his grandparents sent. he does it while he waits for me to get ready for an outing, while i make breakfast, or at any other transition period during the day. during these times, he will also stand at our map of the united states and call out, "give me a state!" when i can't see what state he points to as his answer, he spells it for me. he came up with this game on his own.

i never really had any major fears about my kids learning what they "need" to learn because there is no school subject they do need to learn. it's pretty simple. i get a tad bit angry when i think about all of the useless information i crammed into my brain. what a waste. why not use that brain power for something you are passionate about learning?


I am Allison said...

Sometimes I wish blog posts had *like* buttons. This was a nice one.

Six Lifelong Learners in one family! said...

OMG, what is THIS?? I thought you were just going to do a differnt blog - I haven't checked this in a million years!! And who is that little child? That cannot be Claire!!! Now I want to update myself but I've set parental controls to shut the computer off in 10 minutes and be off until 10 p.m., which is way after my bedtime. Darn it all. Can't wait to catch up.

Lisa said...

ha, ha, danna! yeah, i just updated it a bit and am trying to write more frequently. but i also started a new blog, too! it's a secret until i write in it a bit more!

Lisa said...

thanks, allison!