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Welcome to our blog!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

great talk by woman who was unschooled

I really enjoyed this talk. I have to admit, that i love the fact that this formerly unschooled woman is brilliant! more importantly, though, it really reminded me to let go of this idea that attending a prestigious university is the ultimate goal. i was still hanging on to the notion that this was the ideal and even use examples of homeschooled kids attending ivy leagues to defend my choice to unschool. when i started to consider homeschooling, i thought that, of course, my kids will attend college! now, i see it as a choice, not a good or bad one. i just want them to follow their passions and be happy. but for me, it's all about the deschooling, baby!


I am Allison said...

They had an article about Astra Taylor in the Star Tribune recently that I found really interesting.


Here's a quote from in that I liked (when asked what her unschooled days looked like):

"Some days I'm sure we looked like dirty brats not doing anything, but a lot of times, that's what creativity looks like. Creative people spend a lot of time reading and thinking and going down blind alleys."

I haven't watched the posted vid yet, but I will make sure I do. Thanks for posting it! You're such a great resource to me, Lisa.

I am Allison said...

Hi. Me again. Just got done watching the lecture. Amazing. Loved it. Didn't realize beforehand that it was the one from Minneapolis that I had wanted to go to, so I thank you again for being such a resource. I want everyone I know to watch this video now.

Lisa said...

hey allison, you are welcome! glad you watched it even though my post about it wasn't so inspiring. i knew i wanted to write something about it, but the words just weren't coming, but i put it on my blog anyway! i want to watch it w/ matt for sure.

deskryptic said...

So glad I stumbled upon your blog again! Intriguing vid. Brings up so many questions for me that I don't know how to answer in my life now...I like that!
Mel tells me you're up to good things living your passions & values.
Michelle G-P